Item of the Week

Moon Stylus

A stylus for Moon. Pre-order bonus.

Welcome to Game Swag!

Have you ever pre-ordered a video game just to get the free bonus that came with it? Have you ever gone to E3 or some other gaming show and stuffed a shopping bag full of goodies and not even notice the games on display? Have you ever seen an ebay auction for a really cool gaming-related item and wondered where in the world someone would find that?

If so, you've come home.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a store. I do NOT have any of these items for sale. If I come across any more swag I'll be sure to let everyone know what I have available. Thanks. :)

Site Updates

THE SITE IS NOT DEAD. It's currently going through a MAJOR overhaul which includes a new layout, a new search engine, and will be much easier for me to update. I hope to be finished before the end of June at the very most and we'll be right back to normal. Thanks for your patience! :) Kristine

Get Some Swag!

Pre-order The Witcher 3 at Amazon and get a hardcover graphic novel.